“SAKURAO DISTILLERY UMESHU” whisky cask finish 3rd edition is released

Limited release

SAKURAO Brewery and Distillery (President: Koichiro Shirai) will release a limited quantity of the “SAKURAO DISTILLERY UMESHU Whisky Cask Finish” from April 15th, 2024 (Mon).

Our whisky, distilled using techniques passed down for over 100 years since the company’s founding, matures at the Sakurao warehouse. “SAKURAO DISTILLERY UMESHU” is finished in these whisky casks. It has a sweet top note derived from the barrels, with the refreshing sourness of green plums and a clean finish.

“SAKURAO DISTILLERY UMESHU” whisky cask finish
-CASK STRENGTH 2024 Edition-.

■Release date
:April 15th, 2024 (Mon.)
■Suggested retail price
:¥2,750 (incl. tax)
■Alcohol content

Product Description:

A special Umeshu from SAKURAO DISTILLERY, finished in whisky casks. Umeshu is bottled at CASK STRENGTH with no water added. It has a sweet aroma derived from whisky casks, fresh acidity of green plums, and a clean finish. The fresh apple-like aroma, the rich sweetness of ripe apricots, and the acidity derived from green plums are in good harmony, with an aroma reminiscent of blood oranges.


Made from Nanko plums cultivated in Japan. The plums are soaked in alcohol while still green, resulting in a refreshing yet rich plum aroma, and moderate sweetness.

Whisky casks:
Umeshu is finished in the same whisky casks used for maturing SAKURAO malt whisky. For this 4th edition, we used bourbon barrels to add a whisky nuance to the Umeshu, resulting in a blend of the refreshing sourness of Umeshu and the sweet aroma of whisky. This combination allows you to experience the characteristics of both Umeshu and whisky.