JAPANESE DRY GIN SAKURAO HAMAGOU 2019 Special Edition 2019 Special Edition

Selected citrus fruits grown in calm sunshine.
The "Double Fragrance Method" is used to maximize the original aroma of the fruits.

The Setouchi Brand Products

The Setouchi Brand Products is the product that is registered based on the standard of Setouchi DMO (Destination Management/Marketing Organization). The developed products should embody the Setouchi identity and should depend on nature, food and history of Setouchi. Lemon Rocks and Hassaku Rocks were chosen as Setouchi Brand Products.

Hiroshima Good Design Award

Lemon Rocks won the Hiroshima Good Design Award. Hiroshima Good Design Award is not only rewarding the products developed in Hiroshima with excellent design, but aiso aiming at promoting sales and design industries to deepen understanding of design.


Lemon Rocks Bottle

Juice content 20%

Rich lemon liqueur is made from whole Setouchi lemon grown in calm sun. Refreshing sourness and rich sweetness spread in your mouth.

Hassaku Rocks Bottle

Juice content 70%

Luxury hassaku liqueur utilizes whole Hassaku from Hiroshima where hassaku originated, to realize a characteristic juicy bittersweetness of the fresh juice.

YUzu Rocks Bottle

Juice content 15%

Elegant yuzu liqueur fully uses whole yuzu that has been popular in Japan from ancient times. You can enjoy brilliant sourness and rich taste of fragrant Yuzu.

Selected ingredients

Lemon Rocks Logo
Lemon Rocks Logo

Setouchi Lemon

Climate in Seto Inland Sea area is warm and low rainfall, so that it is an ideal environment for growing lemon. Setouchi lemon grown in the peaceful climate of Seto Inland Sea area have mild sourness. Lemon Rocks uses a plenty of Setouchi Lemon, which can be eaten up even to nutrient peel.

Hassaku Rocks Logo
Hassaku Rocks Logo

Hiroshima Hassaku

It is said that the origin of Hassaku was discovered at a temple on Innoshima Island in Seto inland sea, Hiroshima. Hassaku, which grows up in Hiroshima with warm and low rainfall climate, has the characteristic bitterness, moderate sourness, and refreshing sweetness.

Yuzu Rocks Logo
Yuzu Rocks Logo

Japanese Yuzu

Yuzu has a long history. It has been introduced and cultivated since the Asuka to Nara eras, and has been loved by many people for over a thousand years. Yuzu Rocks used carefully selected Japanese Yuzu, to bring out a refreshing flavor of Yuzu, as well as a scent that has been loved in Japan.

Double Fragrance Method

Double Fragrance Method

"Double fragrance method" is an unique technique of us.
Blend citrus spirits that is distilled from steeped citrus peel and natural aroma oil extracted by steam distillation.
This is the world's FIRST liqueur that utilizes extracted fragrance from the peel in two ways to the most extent.