Single Malt Japanese Whisky Togouchi STILLMAN’S SELECTION MISTY to be released in mid-May 2024

Sakurao Brewery and Distillery Co., Ltd. (Sakurao B&D; 1-12-1 Sakurao, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima Prefecture; President: Koichiro Shirai) will release Single Malt Japanese Whisky Togouchi STILLMAN’S SELECTION MISTY from mid-May. This whisky is matured in a tunnel filled with fog, capturing an aroma that embodies the environment of Togouchi.

≪ Whisky matured in casks covered with fog, capturing the essence of Togouchi’s nature ≫

Deep in the mountains, the whisky is being matured in the Togouchi tunnel filled with mystical fog. Whisky that was aged in such a harsh environment, where the hoops of the barrels are rusted to the point of breaking, has a unique flavor and aroma. We have discovered a whisky that seems to embody the natural beauty of the Togouchi area, with its brightness and fragrance. Single Malt Japanese Whisky Togouchi STILLMAN’S SELECTION MISTY, selected by Stillman’s delicate sensibility for its excellent malt whisky, offers you the whisky that symbolizes the fantastic environment of Togouchi.

《 About Togouchi Warehouse 》

Togouchi tunnel is placed in the town of Akiota, a place full of color and magnificent scenery containing lush forests and clear streams. In this area, you can find the stunning Sandan-kyo gorge as well as Mt. Osorakan and Mt. Shinnyu, which are the highest peaks in Hiroshima. An old railway tunnel that passes through the mountains has been repurposed as the warehouse.


Hiroshima is blessed with a natural environment comprising both seaside and mountainous areas. The Sakurao warehouse, where the gentle sea breezes of the Seto Inland Sea reach, and the Togouchi warehouse, nestled in the heart of the Chugoku Mountains surrounded by forests and clear streams. The difference in environment between these two warehouses allows us to produce a wide variety of whiskies.

Single Malt Japanese Whisky Togouchi MISTY STILLMAN’S SELECTION

■Suggested retail price:
: ¥16,500 (incl. tax)
: 700ml
: Whisky
■Alcohol content
: 48%
: Malt

※Limited quantity

■Tasting note
Color: Bright amber
Nose: Banana, orange, apple, fresh grass
Palate: Apple pie, cream puff, jasmine tea
Finish: Refreshing finish with vanilla and fruity sweetness