Notice of company name change and website URL change

We would like to deeply thank you for your daily cooperation.

In order to build a new corporate image and further develop the company business, we changed the company name “Chugoku Jozo Co., Ltd.” to “SAKURAO Brewery and Distillery Co., Ltd. (SAKURAO B&D)” from March 9th 2021. Accordingly, the URL of our website will be changed.

We have been producing various alcoholic beverages such as sake and liqueurs, including distilled spirits, in Sakurao, Hatsukaichi, where the head office is located since 1918 when we started our business.

SAKURAO DISTILLERY was established in 2017, which is the 100th anniversary of the founding. We have started distilling gin and whisky as a new challenge along with the distillation technique we have developed.

And now that the single malt whisky, which is to be our main product, is about to be released, the company name has been changed with the determination to continue making products here in SAKURAO.

We will continue to take on various challenges in order to tell the “enjoyment of food” to everyone utilizing the abundant resources of the local area of Hiroshima and Setouchi.

We look forward to your continued support and patronage.
New company name: SAKURAO Brewery and Distillery Co., Ltd.
New URL www.sakuraobd.co.jp/en/
(*Address and phone number will not change.)

March 2021
SAKURAO Brewery and Distillery Co., Ltd.
President Koichiro Shirai