Announcing the New Product: TOGOUCHI Whisky Highball

SAKURAO Brewery & Distillery Co., Ltd. (President and CEO Koichiro Shirai) is pleased to announce the official release of “Whisky Highball TOGOUCHI.” Exclusively blended with whiskies from SAKURAO DISTILLERY, it will be hitting the shelves towards the end of March 2024.

≪First Highball in the series of Blended Whisky TOGOUCHI≫
In September 2023, we proudly renewed our “Blended Whisky TOGOUCHI.” Introducing the first highball in this series: “Whisky Highball TOGOUCHI.”
Our aim is to bring the distinct flavors of SAKURAO DISTILLERY whiskies to a wider audience. Crafted with only malt whiskies, grain whiskies, and carbonic acid, “Whisky Highball TOGOUCHI” allows you to savor the unique aromas and aftertaste that define the characteristics of our whiskies.

≪A special highball with deep, rich aroma≫
The blend of whiskies, reflecting the natural blessings of the sea and mountains of Hiroshima, has brought out top notes reminiscent of tropical fruits, aromas akin to young leaves and greens, and a lingering aftertaste of vanilla and chocolate from the oak barrels.
Enjoy the fizz that spreads in your mouth, accompanied by a fresh aroma and delicate, soft sweetness.